Eat & Meet Potluck Party met Impact 30 Juni
Friday the 30th of June 2017. Doors open @ 18:00 hrs
Pakhuis de Règâh, Hoefkade 11, Den Haag
Something (halal) to eat & to share 😉
Everybody is welcome to this informal (networking)dinner where you get the chance to meet (new) Hagenezen.Eat to Meet Come Meet Come Eat Den Haag Pakhuis de Regah Bazaar of Ideas Pakhuis de Regah Pakhuis de Zwijger in Den Haag.jpg

This year Den Haag/The Hague welcomes new residents and other people who fled their home country and who have found a safe shelter in our city. These newcomers will have to find their place in our society and we are keen to help them. The wish and the skills to build a new life are often there, but what’s often missing is a network. This is where the locals come in; they have the opportunity to enrich and share their stories and network during this potluck party.
All (new) residents of The Hague are invited to bring some (halal) home cooked food and to start a conversation!
So Come, Eat & Meet.

What, when, where
   Eat & Meet Potluck Party met Impact
Friday the 30th of June 2017. Doors open @ 18:00 hrs
Pakhuis de Règâh in Bazaar of Ideas, Hoefkade 11, Den Haag
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Entrance:  Something (halal) to eat & to share 😉
(If that is a problem please let us know. Call Edgar on 0634196796.
So he can do some extra grocery shopping ;-))

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If  you have any questions regarding this event. Don’t hesitate to contact us via of via our contact page

We thank WIJDOENMEE.NU for their support!
WIJDOENMEE wij doen mee sponsor Eat to Meet


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